Making a Home in Hollywood

This winter, there are six upperclassmen residing in Southern Florida; Addie Lindyberg ‘21, Audra Milbitz ‘20, Chris Bal ‘20, Dillon Esposito-Kelly ‘21, Isa Hill ‘20, and Mary McGuinness ‘20. We are renting a 3-bedroom house in Hollywood, FL (shown below). 

The front of our home. (Source: Audra)

Our kitchen and living area. (Source: Audra)

Our outdoor eating area. (Source: Audra)

Our private pool. (Source: Audra)

Mary, Chris, and Isa arrived in Hollywood on Saturday after driving down from Isa’s house in Maryland. The spent the night along the way in Savannah, GA. They enjoyed walking around in downtown Savannah as well as trying out Leopold’s ice cream and dinner at The Old Pink House.

Mary ‘20 in front of the Leopold’s Ice Cream sign. (Source: Isa ‘20)

Mary ‘20, Isa ‘20, and Heather Hill P’20 in front of the Georgia Queen. (Source: Chris ‘20)

On Sunday, all six of us were in town and decided to venture to The Yellow Green Farmer’s Market and try some local food with Brent Hill ‘19.

The Yellow Green Farmer’s Market (source: Gold Coast Daily)

Next was the first week of work for everyone!

Addie ‘21 and Audra ‘20 – BLOM Maritime

Addie: Audra and Addie are working at BLOM Maritime. Addie chose BLOM because of their focus on marine engineering and their work with ballast water treatment system and scrubber retrofits. So far, she’s been getting lots of practice with Rhino and small ship design, which will definitely come in handy next semester.

They ended their first day of work with a trip to the beach. It was a little too cold to swim, but the weather was so much nicer than New York.

Audra: Audra’s first week at BLOM maritime was spent learning Navisworks software and creating some general arrangement drawings for a project using 3D scans. Audra chose to work at BLOM maritime because the company focuses more on marine engineering and they also do a lot of work with 3D scanning which she is hoping to learn more about. She is looking forward to spending more time outside and on the beach in sunny Florida than New York would have allowed during this time of year.

Chris ‘20 and Mary ‘20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

This winter myself (Mary) and Chris Bal are working in the Hotel Refurbishment department at Carnival Cruise Line in Doral, Florida. We both chose to work at Carnival because of our interest in the cruise industry. It also helps that Carnival’s motto is ‘choose fun’, and after senior year first semester we thought it would be a nice change of pace.

Our first week consisted of orientation, getting acquainted with our new coworkers and projects, and adjusting to the novelty of wearing business-y clothes. So far we are enjoying learning about the extensive planning that goes into refurbishing a cruise ship and are looking forward to going on ship visits – attempts to become stowaways may be made.

Dillon ‘21 – Shipwright LLC

Hi I’m Dillon and I’m working for shipwright in ft Lauderdale. One of the reasons I decided to intern for shipwright is I get to by in nice florida weather, you can’t beat mid 70s and sunny everyday. Also it seemed like they do a diverse set of work and I would get to experience a lot. My first day involved me getting my badge, and then being told to figure out how FEA works in solid works because I need to present a part on Friday. Also, later that same day I was told that I will be doing an inclining test at the start of February. Therefore I had to start drafting documents in preparation for the 11 days I’ll be spending on the cruise ship. Which is definitely not the worst place to work. Thus far the office environment has been amazing and I even went to trivia with my coworkers on Wednesday, one of them is the recent alumni Brent hill. It’s been a good first week and I’m looking forward to the next 7.

Isa ‘20 – Murray and Associates

Murray and Associates does a variety of work, including stabilizer installations, new build designs, and stability surveys on different vessel types including yachts and other commercial vessels. They have offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL (where I’m working), Jacksonville, FL, and Szczecin, Poland with 20 employees in total. I chose Murray because it is so distinctly different from my previous winter work at NASSCO. While NASSCO was a larger company where I mainly worked with military vessels and visiting the large shipyard, Murray is a small office that works mainly with yachts where I will visit smaller shipyards. With two winters at design offices, I wanted to get the most diverse experiences that I could.

For my first week at Murray, I jumped straight in working mostly with Rhino and AutoCAD, developing construction drawings for furniture on the deck of a yacht. I have little experience with Rhino, so I had a bit of a learning curve getting better at that. While developing the drawing, I communicated frequently with other engineers here to get suggestions on how to make the drawing more useful for construction.

Isa ‘20 at Murray and Associates. (Source: her coworker Elizabeth)

For our first Friday, we all made our first big family dinner together and ate out by the pool. 

Mary ‘20, Isa ‘20, Addie ‘21, and Chris ‘20 at Friday Family Dinner. (Source: Audra ‘20)

Dinner of grilled steak with chimichurri, stuffed Pablano peppers, sweet potatoes, and grilled pineapple. (Source: Isa ‘20)

The next day, we checked out the Hollywood boardwalk and spent the day at the beach, where we ran into Bree Louie ‘17 and Alex Bashkoff ‘17. That evening, we visited their apartment for a barbecue with some of their coworkers and Dylan Froriep ‘16. Sunday we mostly stayed home and recharged for week 2 in Hollywood, FL!

The beach at the Hollywood Boardwalk (Source: Addie)

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