Week 2

This week was a lot of fun; first we’ll update you all on our second week of work!

Addie ’21 and Audra ’20 – BLOM Maritime

Addie: I’ve been getting lots of small ship design experience at BLOM. Also, Audra and I got to practice with the 3D scanner by scanning the whole office.

Audra: I am enjoying a variety of projects at BLOM. Last Wednesday, I attended a Miami Heat game despite being a Dallas Mavericks fan. I am learning to cope with having to wear non-black clothes for work.

Audra’s view of the Miami Heat game. (Source: Audra)

Chris ’20 and Mary ’20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

Mary and I (Chris) have now completed our second week at Carnival and we are enjoying it as much as expected. The office culture is extremely welcoming and makes for a fun work day. We have also been making sure to go to the gym after work and on the weekends. It not only helps shave off any fall semester weight gain but keeps us prepared to fight off any overly aggressive Florida drivers who think New Yorkers can be pushed around. That and our years of Mario Kart make us a force to be reckoned with during the morning commute.

Dillon ’21 – Shipwright LLC

Week number two, work has continued and I was assigned to create the drawings for replacement windows that are going on a tug. Thursday night was spent doing the pool dives for the scuba certification that I will hopefully have by the time that I go on the lightship survey and inclining so I can dive on the lay day that we have.

Isa ’20 – Murray and Associates

This week, I got to do quite a few different things. On Monday, I spend the morning researching gyroscopes to understand the math and physics behind them. This was so that I could work with my supervisor to define some mathematical equations to see how they behave in different wave patterns. One Tuesday, I created an electrical load analysis and one-line diagram for a new barge. For the remainder of the week, I worked on developing diagrams of the bilge and fuel systems of the same barge. I was happy with the variation in work and I am enjoying working with everyone at Murray.

On Thursday evening, we began scuba diving certification! John Dixon, father of Grant Dixon ’20 and owner or Shipwright LLC where Dillon is working this winter, has been kind enough to offer free open water dive certifications to Webb students who have worked in Southern Florida for the past several years. Addie, Audra, Chris, Dillon, and Isa are receiving this certification this year, and are all extremely grateful to John for sharing his passion and opening his home to us! His wife Lynn Dixon and their children Garrett and Graceanna were at the house too, and were kind enough to make dinner for us and help out throughout the evening. One of John’s employees, Cory, who is an experienced diver, assisted throughout the evening while his girlfriend, Sydney, went through the certification process with us. On Thursday, we did the first few pool dives, which included adjusting to the use of the SCUBA unit, swimming with the fins, being underwater for an extended period, swimming on the bottom, and using caution and safety procedures to protect our health and safety while diving.

Getting used to the SCUBA unit in the pool. (Source: Mary)

Audra wearing a color other than black. (Source: Mary)

Next, the weekend came around!

On Friday, we made family dinner again. We had homemade turkey and black bean burgers, mac n’ cheese, and goat cheese stuffed artichoke hearts. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures. After dinner, we met a group of alumni at Riverside Market and Café. Here, we saw Jacob Dillistin ’23, a freshman who is working at Derektor shipyard. We also saw Bree Louie ’17, Brent Hill ’19, Dan Turoff ‘15, Hampton Dixon ’11, and James Kelly ’19. It was fun to catch up with various alumni and hear how Jacob was enjoying his first winter work. As always, Webb’s alumni network allowed us to make new friends and professional connections right away in a new city.

On Saturday, Isa went drove to Punta Gorda on the Gulf Coast of Florida to see her family and attend the surprise 75th birthday party for her grandmother.

Isa’s mom with her grandmother’s cat, Chai. (Source: Isa)

While Isa was gone, Chris, Mary, and Audra went to three garage sales within walking distance. Chris purchased a wooden box, Mary purchased a working slot machine, and Audra purchased a pair of cowboy boots.

On Sunday, we went back to diving with John! We went out on John’s boat bright and early and took about an hour to get out the diving site. Cory drove the boat throughout the day while John worked with us, and Mary hung out on the boat. We went down for our first dive for about 20 minutes, adjusting to the process of descending and ascending as well as other skills such as mask clearing. We then swam back to the boat with our buddy pairs and learned how to exit the water after a dive. We went back into the inlet for lunch, and then went right back out for our second dive. This time, we practiced different types of emergency ascent and navigating on the bottom. After we completed our second dive, we rested on the boat while we went back to John’s house. When we arrived, we practiced the last few pool skills such as removing and donning our mask and BCD at the surface and underwater. Finally, we had finished for the day and Lynn made a wonderful dinner for us. John, his family, Corey, Mary, and all of the divers sat for dinner together. To get our certifications, we only have two more open water dives left!

John explaining some of the fundamentals of diving. (Source: Isa)

Mary reading on the dock. (Source: Isa)

Everyone preparing for the dive. (Source: Isa)

Now, we are ready for week three!

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