Week 3

Week 3 was another great one! We’ll start with a work update:

Addie ’21 and Audra ’20 – BLOM Maritime

Our two coworkers left us alone in the office. We took advantage of this time, see the pictures below. We got a lot of work done at our new desk setups.

Chris ’20 and Mary ’20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

This week Chris and I (Mary) got to visit Carnival Victory and Carnival Horizon in the Port of Miami. We toured all of the guest spaces and got to see some of the branded spaces that the hotel refurbishment team worked on in the past. We both agree that one of the highlights was the fresh gelato served on Horizon – that or the heated chairs in the Spa’s relaxation room.

Dillon ’21 – Shipwright LLC

The windows are done for the tug. I got to visit the ship that I’ll be on for the lightship and inclining. That’s gonna be a good time, and on the same day I went on a small container ship. Let’s just say they are different ships for sure. Also on Sunday I and most the other webbies down here finished getting our scuba certification so now it’s time to plan a trip to the keys.

Isa ’20 – Murray and Associates

This week I continued to work on system designs for the same tug that I was working on last week. I am still working with Dennis, who works in one of Murray’s other offices, by email. I have also been prepping for some incline tests that will be conducted next week on two different yachts at Derecktor Shipyard. New week, I will be at Derecktor for most of the week helping with these incline tests. I am excited to get out in the field, and see some of these yachts in person!

Now onto all of our fun outside of work!

Every Monday, a bunch of food trucks line up in Hollywood. Addie, Audra, Chris, and Isa attended this week. Addie and Isa got Greek food from Needa Pita and Chris and Audra got wontons from Wonton’s on Wheels. Everyone was very happy with their food!

The Hollywood food trucks. 

Enjoying our food! 

On Wednesday, Audra, Dillon, and Isa went to trivia at LaurderAle with Brent Hill ‘19 and diving companions Corey and Sydney. They did not win trivia, but Brent did win a LauderAle shirt in a dance-off. 

On Friday, Addie joined her parents who were visiting from Maine. Chris and Mary went out with coworkers from Carnival. Audra and Isa went to Hollywood beach and then came back to join Dillon and Brent at the house for the evening.

Audra and Isa at the beach
Our Friday dinner of pizza, sushi, chicken, ice cream, and cookies

On Saturday, while Mary and Chris attended their ship visit and Addie hung out with her parents, Audra, Dillon and Isa went to south beach. Afterwards, everyone went to the Hollywood art walk.

Street artist Drip creating a new mural

On Sunday, we all finally completed out scuba diving certification! We went out again with John Dixon, Corey, and this time Addie’s dad came too. We finished up descent practice, removing and replacing our masks underwater, and assisting a tired diver. Then, after a quick lunch break, we went back out to see some of the reef and do our final dive. It was a beautiful day, and we all really enjoyed being out on the boat!

Audra with the Dixons’ dog, Harken
John teaching us at our diving lesson

Mary, who elected not to get certified, enjoying the sunshine
Photo of us headed out on the boat, thanks to Addie’s mom!

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