Week 4

Week 4 is complete and we are halfway through the winter already! First, let’s see how work has been this week:

Addie ’21 and Audra ’20 – BLOM Maritime

Sadly, we had to take down megadesk and quad desk this week, as our boss returned Friday. But we did a good job of putting the office back together.

Chris ’20 and Mary ’20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

During week 4 at Carnival we got a unique look into the distribution facility for all Carnival Cruise ships. The facility was incredible in magnitude and housed some surprising facilities. They had an entire area devoted to clothing used in current and past shows onboard Carnival’s ships. It was nice to hear that they would donate props and clothing to the drama departments at local schools. Apparently, though, “broke college student” was not enticing enough of a cause for Mary and I to get to expand our attire.

Dillon ’21 – Shipwright LLC

I worked on the Caribbean princess inclining plan and got the required supplies Such at the trough and magnets. Also I submitted some of the drawings I have been working on to ABS for review.

Isa ’20 – Murray and Associates

On Monday and Tuesday this week, I helped out with the incline test on Cracker Bay, a vessel at Derecktor Shipyard. They were kind enough to allow me to share the photos, so I can finally give some visuals on what my job is like! On Monday, we prepared for the test. My coworker, Danial, and I went aboard to conduct a deadweight survey and set up for the incline. On such a nice yacht, we had to go aboard without shoes. It felt very strange to walk into an engine room barefoot!

We had to enter each space on the vessel to conduct a deadweight survey. This involves taking note of each item in the space and recording the position and approximate weight. This allows us to determine the actual lightweight of the ship, which is important in the determination of stability characteristics. We also marked positions to take freeboard measurements on the day of the test, set up devices to measure the heel of the boat during weight shifts, and verified that all tanks could be completely emptied or pressed full.

On Tuesday, we conducted the actual incline test. For the test, we had Danial, Egis, and I from Murray, three members of the vessel crew, and a Lloyd’s Register inspector. The test involved moving sixteen 1000lb weights onto one of the deck and shifting them to various positions to measure the effect on the heel of the vessel. This test is necessary to verify the stability of the vessel. 

After we finished the test, we went over to another yacht to do the deadweight and prep work for that incline. On Thursday, we conducted the incline there. For that one, Jacob Dillistin ‘23 who is doing his winter work at Derecktor Shipyard came and helped out! It was fun to work with one of the freshman for a day.

Measuring some of the vessel freeboards.
Jacob ’23 and some of the vessel crew moving some of the 1000lb inclining weights.
The view of the vard from onboard one of the yachts..
The sunset at the yard.

Outside of work, we attended to alumni meet-up in Fort Lauderdale. We got to see local alumni, students, and family as well as President Michel and Dean Werner, who are on their world tour.

All of the interns at the alumni meetup.

On Friday, Audra, Isa, and Addie went to beach again. Afterwards, we all went out to dinner with Jacob ‘23 and Brent ‘19 and hung out with them for the evening.

Addie, Audra, and Isa at the Hollywood beach.

On Sunday, we attended a superbowl party at the apartment of Bree and Alex ‘19 with some other alumni. We could see the stadium from their balcony, and there was lots of great food!

The view from Bree’s and Alex ‘s apartment. The lights of the stadium can be seen in the distance.
Some of the superbowl feast.
Chris making fried wontons at the party. They were a huge hit!

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