Week 5

5 weeks down and we are still loving it! First, work adventures:

Addie ’21 and Audra ’20 – BLOM Maritime

This week at Blom Audra was able to finish up my first project and it was submitted to the client for review. She started working on another general arrangement drawing for another client. Addie has continued work on the same project designing a small ship.

Chris ’20 and Mary ’20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

Week 5 was a low key but productive week in the office. We had a Lunch and Learn with Ben Clement, the SVP of New Builds, Refurbishment, and Production – it was very interesting to learn about his career path and hear his perspective on the department and Carnival Cruise Line. Of course the free lunch wasn’t too bad either. On a sadder note, the air conditioning of my car has finally given out, so the ‘Mary (and Chris) Go Round’ makes for a toasty commute.

Dillon ’21 – Shipwright LLC

Week 5 I logged 84 hours. I’m on the ship Caribbean Princess to conduct an lightship survey and incline test. The inclining at St Thomas was successful even though some interesting events that I won’t talk about for a year happened. Now I’ve been working on the dead weight deductions for the lightship of the ship. It’s been a long week and the ship has been turned away from 2 ports due to illness as well.

Isa ’20 – Murray and Associates

This week, I have been inputting and processing the data from one of the lightship surveys and incline tests that I worked on last week. I have written the incline test report, created the new intact stability manual for the vessel, and started the damage stability manual. This has involved a lot of excel calculation and work in General HydroStatics (GHS). Once these documents are completed and approved, the vessel will have to keep the stability manuals onboard at all times in order to sail.

On Monday, we went to the food trucks again with a group of alumni and tried more of the tasty food there. 

Outside of work, Audra and Isa have been going to the YMCA every weekday (with others attending some of the time). They are happy that the YMCA membership that Webb pays for up north allows them to attend the gym all over the country. They have also gotten to experience the many personalities of Southern Florida at this gym.

On Friday, we all (except Dillon, who is off on a cruise) went to Wynwood Walls to see the murals and have dinner with Hampton ‘11. The art was amazing, and we had a lot of fun walking around Miami.

Enjoying the artwork.
There was also this weird cat statue.
Checking out some of the indoor artwork at Wynwood.
All of us with one of the murals.
Mary being candid.
No caption needed.

On Saturday, we drove down to the home of Jacob ‘23 in the Florida Keys. We made some stops and went to the beach on Jacob’s boat, and got some great food. The Keys were beautiful!

A stop at Rain Barrel Art & Shops.
We went to Robbie’s for dinner and to feed the tarpin.
Putting up a dollar marked WEBB on the ceiling of Robbie’s.
Feeding the tarpin.
Audra with Jacob’s dog, Shadow.
Chris out on a kayak.
Hopping out of Jacob’s boat.
“Barbara manatee, you are the one for me” -Larry the Cucumber
Audra admiring the beautiful Keys.
We stopped at a Cuban fruit stand south of Miami called Robert is Here.
Everyone acting natural in front of the Robert is Here sign.
Mary interacting with the attractions at Robert is Here fruit stand.
Playing volleyball at the beach in The Keys.

On Sunday, we returned home and were joined by Ashley Dias ‘19 and Hampton again. We hung out at the house before going to dinner and seeing the new movie, Birds of Prey. We also tried miracle berries, which make sour things taste sweet for about 30 minutes after you eat them! The berries themselves are not terribly flavorful, but you can eat lemon slices like oranges and they taste like lemonade!

Everyone eating lemon slices after having the miracle berries.
The giant emu egg!

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