Week 6

Our 6th week was pretty lowkey. Let’s check in at work:

Addie ’21 and Audra ’20 – BLOM Maritime

This week there were several different projects going on. Everyday I (Audra) had to jump between different projects to complete drawings so that they could be submitted to the clients. It was nice to be able to see how the work I was doing was getting used in the projects. Addie has continued once again with the same project of designing a small ship.

Chris ’20 and Mary ’20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

This week we visited Carnival Sunrise to tour a Sunshine Class vessel (see us on board with Master Waterslide Guru, Hampton Dixon, in the following picture). On Friday we made another visit to the port and saw the loading of Carnival Miracle before it left for dry dock. We ended the day Friday with a trip to Coyo, a SoFlo taco restaurant that gives Glen Cove’s Cactus Cafe a run for its money.

Hampton ’11, Mary, and Chris on Carnival Sunrise.

Dillon ’21 – Shipwright LLC

Second week on the cruise. We continued the deadweight survey and the cruise got cut short because of a gastrointestinal virus. Also I found out cruise ships carry about 50 tons of liquor and wine on them.

My pass for the Caribbean Princess,
My hours for the last two pay periods. (As compared to 80 hours per period if I was doing 40 hour weeks.)
The Caribbean Princess.

Isa ’20 – Murray and Associates

I have been working more on the stability analysis and manuals for the vessel that we did the incline on. I had some difficulties with the damage stability, so I had to learn how to modify loading conditions to meet regulations. From this, I also had to write the manual with instructions on how to operate and load the vessel safely. This was pretty interesting, and I really enjoyed the engineering challenge of making the vessel stable. I also worked on a design of floating solar panels which was very cool, and it allowed me to learn how to model better in Rhino.

Outside of work, it has been business as usual. We went to the food trucks again on Monday, and once again enjoyed the street food of Hollywood. Dillon and Brent returned from the cruise on Thursday, so we all got to hang out together in the evening.

Friday was Valentine’s day, and Dillon was visiting family in Newport Richie, so we had a Galentine’s/Balentine’s day (with the gals and Bal) with romantic comedies, ice cream, and mozzarella sticks. This was a nice lowkey evening after so many adventures.

Dillon enjoying his weekend at home.

We also fried up the emu egg that we bought at Robert is Here the previous week. It produced 2.5 cups of egg, or about the equivalent to a dozen large chicken eggs. We scrambled it and found that it tasted mostly like normal eggs.

Isa emptying the emu egg into some mugs.

On Saturday, Audra and Chris went on a fishing charter and caught a number of fish. They were able to keep one of them, and they grilled it.

Audra eating her fish.

Also on Saturday, we went to the mall to shop and walk around because it was a rainy day. We came home and had another lazy evening. On Sunday, some of the group went to brunch but we all otherwise stayed home and relaxed.

Audra climbing a palm tree.

Week 5

5 weeks down and we are still loving it! First, work adventures:

Addie ’21 and Audra ’20 – BLOM Maritime

This week at Blom Audra was able to finish up my first project and it was submitted to the client for review. She started working on another general arrangement drawing for another client. Addie has continued work on the same project designing a small ship.

Chris ’20 and Mary ’20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

Week 5 was a low key but productive week in the office. We had a Lunch and Learn with Ben Clement, the SVP of New Builds, Refurbishment, and Production – it was very interesting to learn about his career path and hear his perspective on the department and Carnival Cruise Line. Of course the free lunch wasn’t too bad either. On a sadder note, the air conditioning of my car has finally given out, so the ‘Mary (and Chris) Go Round’ makes for a toasty commute.

Dillon ’21 – Shipwright LLC

Week 5 I logged 84 hours. I’m on the ship Caribbean Princess to conduct an lightship survey and incline test. The inclining at St Thomas was successful even though some interesting events that I won’t talk about for a year happened. Now I’ve been working on the dead weight deductions for the lightship of the ship. It’s been a long week and the ship has been turned away from 2 ports due to illness as well.

Isa ’20 – Murray and Associates

This week, I have been inputting and processing the data from one of the lightship surveys and incline tests that I worked on last week. I have written the incline test report, created the new intact stability manual for the vessel, and started the damage stability manual. This has involved a lot of excel calculation and work in General HydroStatics (GHS). Once these documents are completed and approved, the vessel will have to keep the stability manuals onboard at all times in order to sail.

On Monday, we went to the food trucks again with a group of alumni and tried more of the tasty food there. 

Outside of work, Audra and Isa have been going to the YMCA every weekday (with others attending some of the time). They are happy that the YMCA membership that Webb pays for up north allows them to attend the gym all over the country. They have also gotten to experience the many personalities of Southern Florida at this gym.

On Friday, we all (except Dillon, who is off on a cruise) went to Wynwood Walls to see the murals and have dinner with Hampton ‘11. The art was amazing, and we had a lot of fun walking around Miami.

Enjoying the artwork.
There was also this weird cat statue.
Checking out some of the indoor artwork at Wynwood.
All of us with one of the murals.
Mary being candid.
No caption needed.

On Saturday, we drove down to the home of Jacob ‘23 in the Florida Keys. We made some stops and went to the beach on Jacob’s boat, and got some great food. The Keys were beautiful!

A stop at Rain Barrel Art & Shops.
We went to Robbie’s for dinner and to feed the tarpin.
Putting up a dollar marked WEBB on the ceiling of Robbie’s.
Feeding the tarpin.
Audra with Jacob’s dog, Shadow.
Chris out on a kayak.
Hopping out of Jacob’s boat.
“Barbara manatee, you are the one for me” -Larry the Cucumber
Audra admiring the beautiful Keys.
We stopped at a Cuban fruit stand south of Miami called Robert is Here.
Everyone acting natural in front of the Robert is Here sign.
Mary interacting with the attractions at Robert is Here fruit stand.
Playing volleyball at the beach in The Keys.

On Sunday, we returned home and were joined by Ashley Dias ‘19 and Hampton again. We hung out at the house before going to dinner and seeing the new movie, Birds of Prey. We also tried miracle berries, which make sour things taste sweet for about 30 minutes after you eat them! The berries themselves are not terribly flavorful, but you can eat lemon slices like oranges and they taste like lemonade!

Everyone eating lemon slices after having the miracle berries.
The giant emu egg!

Week 4

Week 4 is complete and we are halfway through the winter already! First, let’s see how work has been this week:

Addie ’21 and Audra ’20 – BLOM Maritime

Sadly, we had to take down megadesk and quad desk this week, as our boss returned Friday. But we did a good job of putting the office back together.

Chris ’20 and Mary ’20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

During week 4 at Carnival we got a unique look into the distribution facility for all Carnival Cruise ships. The facility was incredible in magnitude and housed some surprising facilities. They had an entire area devoted to clothing used in current and past shows onboard Carnival’s ships. It was nice to hear that they would donate props and clothing to the drama departments at local schools. Apparently, though, “broke college student” was not enticing enough of a cause for Mary and I to get to expand our attire.

Dillon ’21 – Shipwright LLC

I worked on the Caribbean princess inclining plan and got the required supplies Such at the trough and magnets. Also I submitted some of the drawings I have been working on to ABS for review.

Isa ’20 – Murray and Associates

On Monday and Tuesday this week, I helped out with the incline test on Cracker Bay, a vessel at Derecktor Shipyard. They were kind enough to allow me to share the photos, so I can finally give some visuals on what my job is like! On Monday, we prepared for the test. My coworker, Danial, and I went aboard to conduct a deadweight survey and set up for the incline. On such a nice yacht, we had to go aboard without shoes. It felt very strange to walk into an engine room barefoot!

We had to enter each space on the vessel to conduct a deadweight survey. This involves taking note of each item in the space and recording the position and approximate weight. This allows us to determine the actual lightweight of the ship, which is important in the determination of stability characteristics. We also marked positions to take freeboard measurements on the day of the test, set up devices to measure the heel of the boat during weight shifts, and verified that all tanks could be completely emptied or pressed full.

On Tuesday, we conducted the actual incline test. For the test, we had Danial, Egis, and I from Murray, three members of the vessel crew, and a Lloyd’s Register inspector. The test involved moving sixteen 1000lb weights onto one of the deck and shifting them to various positions to measure the effect on the heel of the vessel. This test is necessary to verify the stability of the vessel. 

After we finished the test, we went over to another yacht to do the deadweight and prep work for that incline. On Thursday, we conducted the incline there. For that one, Jacob Dillistin ‘23 who is doing his winter work at Derecktor Shipyard came and helped out! It was fun to work with one of the freshman for a day.

Measuring some of the vessel freeboards.
Jacob ’23 and some of the vessel crew moving some of the 1000lb inclining weights.
The view of the vard from onboard one of the yachts..
The sunset at the yard.

Outside of work, we attended to alumni meet-up in Fort Lauderdale. We got to see local alumni, students, and family as well as President Michel and Dean Werner, who are on their world tour.

All of the interns at the alumni meetup.

On Friday, Audra, Isa, and Addie went to beach again. Afterwards, we all went out to dinner with Jacob ‘23 and Brent ‘19 and hung out with them for the evening.

Addie, Audra, and Isa at the Hollywood beach.

On Sunday, we attended a superbowl party at the apartment of Bree and Alex ‘19 with some other alumni. We could see the stadium from their balcony, and there was lots of great food!

The view from Bree’s and Alex ‘s apartment. The lights of the stadium can be seen in the distance.
Some of the superbowl feast.
Chris making fried wontons at the party. They were a huge hit!

Week 3

Week 3 was another great one! We’ll start with a work update:

Addie ’21 and Audra ’20 – BLOM Maritime

Our two coworkers left us alone in the office. We took advantage of this time, see the pictures below. We got a lot of work done at our new desk setups.

Chris ’20 and Mary ’20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

This week Chris and I (Mary) got to visit Carnival Victory and Carnival Horizon in the Port of Miami. We toured all of the guest spaces and got to see some of the branded spaces that the hotel refurbishment team worked on in the past. We both agree that one of the highlights was the fresh gelato served on Horizon – that or the heated chairs in the Spa’s relaxation room.

Dillon ’21 – Shipwright LLC

The windows are done for the tug. I got to visit the ship that I’ll be on for the lightship and inclining. That’s gonna be a good time, and on the same day I went on a small container ship. Let’s just say they are different ships for sure. Also on Sunday I and most the other webbies down here finished getting our scuba certification so now it’s time to plan a trip to the keys.

Isa ’20 – Murray and Associates

This week I continued to work on system designs for the same tug that I was working on last week. I am still working with Dennis, who works in one of Murray’s other offices, by email. I have also been prepping for some incline tests that will be conducted next week on two different yachts at Derecktor Shipyard. New week, I will be at Derecktor for most of the week helping with these incline tests. I am excited to get out in the field, and see some of these yachts in person!

Now onto all of our fun outside of work!

Every Monday, a bunch of food trucks line up in Hollywood. Addie, Audra, Chris, and Isa attended this week. Addie and Isa got Greek food from Needa Pita and Chris and Audra got wontons from Wonton’s on Wheels. Everyone was very happy with their food!

The Hollywood food trucks. 

Enjoying our food! 

On Wednesday, Audra, Dillon, and Isa went to trivia at LaurderAle with Brent Hill ‘19 and diving companions Corey and Sydney. They did not win trivia, but Brent did win a LauderAle shirt in a dance-off. 

On Friday, Addie joined her parents who were visiting from Maine. Chris and Mary went out with coworkers from Carnival. Audra and Isa went to Hollywood beach and then came back to join Dillon and Brent at the house for the evening.

Audra and Isa at the beach
Our Friday dinner of pizza, sushi, chicken, ice cream, and cookies

On Saturday, while Mary and Chris attended their ship visit and Addie hung out with her parents, Audra, Dillon and Isa went to south beach. Afterwards, everyone went to the Hollywood art walk.

Street artist Drip creating a new mural

On Sunday, we all finally completed out scuba diving certification! We went out again with John Dixon, Corey, and this time Addie’s dad came too. We finished up descent practice, removing and replacing our masks underwater, and assisting a tired diver. Then, after a quick lunch break, we went back out to see some of the reef and do our final dive. It was a beautiful day, and we all really enjoyed being out on the boat!

Audra with the Dixons’ dog, Harken
John teaching us at our diving lesson

Mary, who elected not to get certified, enjoying the sunshine
Photo of us headed out on the boat, thanks to Addie’s mom!

Week 2

This week was a lot of fun; first we’ll update you all on our second week of work!

Addie ’21 and Audra ’20 – BLOM Maritime

Addie: I’ve been getting lots of small ship design experience at BLOM. Also, Audra and I got to practice with the 3D scanner by scanning the whole office.

Audra: I am enjoying a variety of projects at BLOM. Last Wednesday, I attended a Miami Heat game despite being a Dallas Mavericks fan. I am learning to cope with having to wear non-black clothes for work.

Audra’s view of the Miami Heat game. (Source: Audra)

Chris ’20 and Mary ’20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

Mary and I (Chris) have now completed our second week at Carnival and we are enjoying it as much as expected. The office culture is extremely welcoming and makes for a fun work day. We have also been making sure to go to the gym after work and on the weekends. It not only helps shave off any fall semester weight gain but keeps us prepared to fight off any overly aggressive Florida drivers who think New Yorkers can be pushed around. That and our years of Mario Kart make us a force to be reckoned with during the morning commute.

Dillon ’21 – Shipwright LLC

Week number two, work has continued and I was assigned to create the drawings for replacement windows that are going on a tug. Thursday night was spent doing the pool dives for the scuba certification that I will hopefully have by the time that I go on the lightship survey and inclining so I can dive on the lay day that we have.

Isa ’20 – Murray and Associates

This week, I got to do quite a few different things. On Monday, I spend the morning researching gyroscopes to understand the math and physics behind them. This was so that I could work with my supervisor to define some mathematical equations to see how they behave in different wave patterns. One Tuesday, I created an electrical load analysis and one-line diagram for a new barge. For the remainder of the week, I worked on developing diagrams of the bilge and fuel systems of the same barge. I was happy with the variation in work and I am enjoying working with everyone at Murray.

On Thursday evening, we began scuba diving certification! John Dixon, father of Grant Dixon ’20 and owner or Shipwright LLC where Dillon is working this winter, has been kind enough to offer free open water dive certifications to Webb students who have worked in Southern Florida for the past several years. Addie, Audra, Chris, Dillon, and Isa are receiving this certification this year, and are all extremely grateful to John for sharing his passion and opening his home to us! His wife Lynn Dixon and their children Garrett and Graceanna were at the house too, and were kind enough to make dinner for us and help out throughout the evening. One of John’s employees, Cory, who is an experienced diver, assisted throughout the evening while his girlfriend, Sydney, went through the certification process with us. On Thursday, we did the first few pool dives, which included adjusting to the use of the SCUBA unit, swimming with the fins, being underwater for an extended period, swimming on the bottom, and using caution and safety procedures to protect our health and safety while diving.

Getting used to the SCUBA unit in the pool. (Source: Mary)

Audra wearing a color other than black. (Source: Mary)

Next, the weekend came around!

On Friday, we made family dinner again. We had homemade turkey and black bean burgers, mac n’ cheese, and goat cheese stuffed artichoke hearts. Unfortunately, we forgot to take pictures. After dinner, we met a group of alumni at Riverside Market and Café. Here, we saw Jacob Dillistin ’23, a freshman who is working at Derektor shipyard. We also saw Bree Louie ’17, Brent Hill ’19, Dan Turoff ‘15, Hampton Dixon ’11, and James Kelly ’19. It was fun to catch up with various alumni and hear how Jacob was enjoying his first winter work. As always, Webb’s alumni network allowed us to make new friends and professional connections right away in a new city.

On Saturday, Isa went drove to Punta Gorda on the Gulf Coast of Florida to see her family and attend the surprise 75th birthday party for her grandmother.

Isa’s mom with her grandmother’s cat, Chai. (Source: Isa)

While Isa was gone, Chris, Mary, and Audra went to three garage sales within walking distance. Chris purchased a wooden box, Mary purchased a working slot machine, and Audra purchased a pair of cowboy boots.

On Sunday, we went back to diving with John! We went out on John’s boat bright and early and took about an hour to get out the diving site. Cory drove the boat throughout the day while John worked with us, and Mary hung out on the boat. We went down for our first dive for about 20 minutes, adjusting to the process of descending and ascending as well as other skills such as mask clearing. We then swam back to the boat with our buddy pairs and learned how to exit the water after a dive. We went back into the inlet for lunch, and then went right back out for our second dive. This time, we practiced different types of emergency ascent and navigating on the bottom. After we completed our second dive, we rested on the boat while we went back to John’s house. When we arrived, we practiced the last few pool skills such as removing and donning our mask and BCD at the surface and underwater. Finally, we had finished for the day and Lynn made a wonderful dinner for us. John, his family, Corey, Mary, and all of the divers sat for dinner together. To get our certifications, we only have two more open water dives left!

John explaining some of the fundamentals of diving. (Source: Isa)

Mary reading on the dock. (Source: Isa)

Everyone preparing for the dive. (Source: Isa)

Now, we are ready for week three!

Making a Home in Hollywood

This winter, there are six upperclassmen residing in Southern Florida; Addie Lindyberg ‘21, Audra Milbitz ‘20, Chris Bal ‘20, Dillon Esposito-Kelly ‘21, Isa Hill ‘20, and Mary McGuinness ‘20. We are renting a 3-bedroom house in Hollywood, FL (shown below). 

The front of our home. (Source: Audra)

Our kitchen and living area. (Source: Audra)

Our outdoor eating area. (Source: Audra)

Our private pool. (Source: Audra)

Mary, Chris, and Isa arrived in Hollywood on Saturday after driving down from Isa’s house in Maryland. The spent the night along the way in Savannah, GA. They enjoyed walking around in downtown Savannah as well as trying out Leopold’s ice cream and dinner at The Old Pink House.

Mary ‘20 in front of the Leopold’s Ice Cream sign. (Source: Isa ‘20)

Mary ‘20, Isa ‘20, and Heather Hill P’20 in front of the Georgia Queen. (Source: Chris ‘20)

On Sunday, all six of us were in town and decided to venture to The Yellow Green Farmer’s Market and try some local food with Brent Hill ‘19.

The Yellow Green Farmer’s Market (source: Gold Coast Daily)

Next was the first week of work for everyone!

Addie ‘21 and Audra ‘20 – BLOM Maritime

Addie: Audra and Addie are working at BLOM Maritime. Addie chose BLOM because of their focus on marine engineering and their work with ballast water treatment system and scrubber retrofits. So far, she’s been getting lots of practice with Rhino and small ship design, which will definitely come in handy next semester.

They ended their first day of work with a trip to the beach. It was a little too cold to swim, but the weather was so much nicer than New York.

Audra: Audra’s first week at BLOM maritime was spent learning Navisworks software and creating some general arrangement drawings for a project using 3D scans. Audra chose to work at BLOM maritime because the company focuses more on marine engineering and they also do a lot of work with 3D scanning which she is hoping to learn more about. She is looking forward to spending more time outside and on the beach in sunny Florida than New York would have allowed during this time of year.

Chris ‘20 and Mary ‘20 – Carnival Cruise Lines

This winter myself (Mary) and Chris Bal are working in the Hotel Refurbishment department at Carnival Cruise Line in Doral, Florida. We both chose to work at Carnival because of our interest in the cruise industry. It also helps that Carnival’s motto is ‘choose fun’, and after senior year first semester we thought it would be a nice change of pace.

Our first week consisted of orientation, getting acquainted with our new coworkers and projects, and adjusting to the novelty of wearing business-y clothes. So far we are enjoying learning about the extensive planning that goes into refurbishing a cruise ship and are looking forward to going on ship visits – attempts to become stowaways may be made.

Dillon ‘21 – Shipwright LLC

Hi I’m Dillon and I’m working for shipwright in ft Lauderdale. One of the reasons I decided to intern for shipwright is I get to by in nice florida weather, you can’t beat mid 70s and sunny everyday. Also it seemed like they do a diverse set of work and I would get to experience a lot. My first day involved me getting my badge, and then being told to figure out how FEA works in solid works because I need to present a part on Friday. Also, later that same day I was told that I will be doing an inclining test at the start of February. Therefore I had to start drafting documents in preparation for the 11 days I’ll be spending on the cruise ship. Which is definitely not the worst place to work. Thus far the office environment has been amazing and I even went to trivia with my coworkers on Wednesday, one of them is the recent alumni Brent hill. It’s been a good first week and I’m looking forward to the next 7.

Isa ‘20 – Murray and Associates

Murray and Associates does a variety of work, including stabilizer installations, new build designs, and stability surveys on different vessel types including yachts and other commercial vessels. They have offices in Fort Lauderdale, FL (where I’m working), Jacksonville, FL, and Szczecin, Poland with 20 employees in total. I chose Murray because it is so distinctly different from my previous winter work at NASSCO. While NASSCO was a larger company where I mainly worked with military vessels and visiting the large shipyard, Murray is a small office that works mainly with yachts where I will visit smaller shipyards. With two winters at design offices, I wanted to get the most diverse experiences that I could.

For my first week at Murray, I jumped straight in working mostly with Rhino and AutoCAD, developing construction drawings for furniture on the deck of a yacht. I have little experience with Rhino, so I had a bit of a learning curve getting better at that. While developing the drawing, I communicated frequently with other engineers here to get suggestions on how to make the drawing more useful for construction.

Isa ‘20 at Murray and Associates. (Source: her coworker Elizabeth)

For our first Friday, we all made our first big family dinner together and ate out by the pool. 

Mary ‘20, Isa ‘20, Addie ‘21, and Chris ‘20 at Friday Family Dinner. (Source: Audra ‘20)

Dinner of grilled steak with chimichurri, stuffed Pablano peppers, sweet potatoes, and grilled pineapple. (Source: Isa ‘20)

The next day, we checked out the Hollywood boardwalk and spent the day at the beach, where we ran into Bree Louie ‘17 and Alex Bashkoff ‘17. That evening, we visited their apartment for a barbecue with some of their coworkers and Dylan Froriep ‘16. Sunday we mostly stayed home and recharged for week 2 in Hollywood, FL!

The beach at the Hollywood Boardwalk (Source: Addie)

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